Why Women in STEM Scholarship

According to UNESCO, women account for just 35% of students enrolled in higher-education STEM subjects, worldwide. Additionally, women constitute only 3% of graduates in ICT, 5% in natural science, mathematics, and statistics, and 8% in engineering, manufacturing, and construction. With the Women in STEM Scholarship, Plaksha aims to bridge the gender gap in the field to enable equal participation of women in the STEM workforce across industries, research, and entrepreneurship.

Plaksha believes that offering scholarships to deserving women students will have a positive impact on retention and their success rate as well as, and it will inspire future generations of women to pursue careers in STEM. Women candidates selected for this prestigious scholarship will receive financial support and will also have the opportunity to participate in a transformational experience that will assist them in growing academically and professionally. Mentoring support, capstone projects for real world experiences, and peer learning will collectively add to the financial aid offered. This will ensure that, upon graduation, these women succeed in the chosen STEM and allied fields.

Why Plaksha

Conventionally, women lack access to equal opportunities like coaching for entrance exams, role models, financial aid and an inclusive environment to enter and thrive in STEM fields.

Plaksha seeks to bridge the gap with its unique approach to admission, pedagogy and support

Inclusive admission policies

Focus on comprehensive academic and extracurricular performance to facilitate admission in STEM courses

Mentorship program

With industry experts and business leaders for guidance and direction to thrive in STEM careers

Scholarship and financial aid

Address economic challenges to promote participation of women in STEM with financial aid

Empowering Women Students at Plaksha

Contributing to the Women in STEM Scholarship assists in offering opportunities for meritorious and talented women students to build a successful career and create an impact in the field. Your contribution to the Women in STEM Scholarship Fund will:

  1. Assist in ensuring 50% participation from women across all academic programs at Plaksha
  2. Promote participation of women candidates in STEM education, innovation, and research from tier 2/3/4 cities and encourage first generation learners
  3. Encourage women to pursue STEM careers and excel on the professional front

Women students who have secured admission for any of the academic programs offered at Plaksha will be eligible to avail this scholarship.

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