Empowering women to follow their AI dreams - Plaksha TLF triumph

Giving up a job during the pandemic to follow your dreams can be a scary proposition. Thanks to the Plaksha Tech Leadership Fellowship (TLF), Anjali could take the plunge! An electrical engineer by profession, Anjali is also a machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and psychology enthusiast. She always knew that her true calling was coding and data science. She joined a firm as a software engineer soon after completing her degree, but for a short period of time.

She says,“The interdisciplinary approach and problem-solving orientation of TLF are unique and have the potential to redefine technology education globally.” The program, delivered by top-notch instructors and the diverse courses including, entrepreneurship, leadership, and self development, alongside a strong technical base of AI and ML, seemed tailor made for her. This truly gave her a sense of direction and provided a space to explore and push the boundaries.

The financial aid offered by Plaksha helped Anjali in taking the decision to resign from her position. This financial assistance offered by Plaksha, illustrates the commitment of the TLF program toward attracting and nurturing future trailblazers.

A year of self-discovery and learning led to exponential growth for Anjali at the University. The technical and leadership curriculum widened her perspective. Her remarkable performance in the capstone project at Cisco led to a pre-placement offer.

Anjali aspires to build a company that empowers women. She intends to create an AI-powered hiring platform for unbiased and inclusive acquisition of women in the workforce. She says, “As a woman in STEM, I'd like to see more gender diversity in technical workplaces, and I'd like to support the underrepresented communities. In future, I want to work in the femtech industry, creating and owning products, and using technology to help solve problems that women face.”