Empowering the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs with Plaksha Giving

Plaksha’s core vision is to nurture the next generation of fearless leaders who can address the toughest problems in these unpredictable times. It is done by providing an enabling entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystem.
“India will have limitless opportunities for the next few years. Opportunities that can only be realized by leveraging technology and entrepreneurship. I envision Plaksha as a learning center where we create a generation of hands-on builders who would be able to solve the grand challenges facing India and the developing world. The University has a unique interdisciplinary approach and problem-solving orientation and has the potential to redefine technology education globally.”

~ Alok Mittal, Founder & Trustee, Plaksha

Plaksha’s entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystem, created by its Founders from across the world, contemporary pedagogy, and commitment to address real world challenges is one of a kind.

Most aspiring entrepreneurs struggle because of a lack of mentors and network, limited understanding of ecosystems, and risk apprehension. This leads to a loss of self-confidence and faith in the project. However, Plaksha’s interdisciplinary curriculum and pedagogy bridges this gap.

“Plaksha’s curriculum and pedagogy aims to create future leaders for India and the world. It aims to empower students to think outside the box and leverage the potential of technology to create new products and solutions.”

~ Alok Goyal, Founder, Plaksha

Plaksha’s Founders are entrepreneurs and business leaders. They play a vital role in the University’s mission to empower the next generation business leaders.

Their generous contributions have helped in setting up the Plaksha Entrepreneurship Support Program (PESP) - to aid the journey of students from Fellows to entrepreneurs. It provides an atmosphere where their ideas can be nurtured and developed under the able guidance of experienced mentors from the Plaksha community.

“PESP is a great opportunity for budding entrepreneurs to translate their ideas into impactful reality, supported by a global community of business leaders providing mentoring and other resources to aid their journey.”

~ Niten Malhan, Founder & Trustee, Plaksha

Besides PESP, Plaksha’s core curriculum is designed to develop a risk-tolerant mindset in students. As a part of projects and course work students form teams and take their startup ideas from ideation to a minimum viable product in the span of two academic terms. All teams are mentored by eminent entrepreneurs from the industry.

“The spirit of entrepreneurship at Plaksha is not only embodied in the number of startups that emerge. Undoubtedly, our mission is to become a seeding ground for startups, but we also wish to ignite an entrepreneurial mindset in all our students to enable them to dream big, innovate and build solutions.”

~ SK Jain, Founder & Trustee, Plaksha

Technology when paired with a creative and entrepreneurial mindset, has the potential to translate challenges into impactful opportunities. Plaksha’s endeavor is to unlock the power of innovation with collective action.

“At Plaksha, we truly believe that India will be the largest producer of technology products not only for our own country but for the world, as well. India will be the global laboratory for research, innovation, and application of technology to solve the grand challenges of the world. PESP envisions to create the next race of technology entrepreneurs solving large scale challenges like climate change, transportation, healthcare for all, precision medicine, etc.”

~ Ritesh Malik, Founder & Trustee, Plaksha